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By: Donald Cyprian, Founder and CEO of Instant Christ™, LLC                                                            Published on: A Silver Twig

Our days are filled with work meetings, social activities, family time, and fitness to name just a few of the things we pack into our schedules daily. And while we long to keep a strong connection with God, along with our brothers and sisters in Christ, for one reason or another, we fall short. The good news is that there is a new solution soon to launch: Instant Christ™ will allow us to connect with God and our brothers and sisters in Christ instantly via our cell phones. What better way than to launch a Christian and faith-based social media app that we can plug in to any time no matter where we are in the world.

Here are the many ways Instant Christ™, the first-ever Christian and faith-based social media platform, will change how we connect with God:


The need for prayer can come at any time, and the benefits of prayer in numbers is indisputable among believers. Tell your brothers and sisters about your need for prayer in real time and instantly feel the support and love of your community as prayers rush in via messaging, video and audio responses.


Sometimes God is just so good you want to immediately share an experience, testimony or miracle. With video or audio messaging, you can instantly share your message directly from your phone with the personal touch that video and audio messaging provides over texting.

Church Locator

With Instant Christ™ you will never again be without a church home. A location finder of churches within a thirty-mile radius assures that you will find a church regardless of your denomination. When you find a church close to you, you will be able to watch videos of the pastor preaching and the choir singing to see if it is the right match for you.


There are times when we just can’t wait until Sunday morning to hear God’s word. Instant Christ™ will have a library of sermons by topic to help inspire and encourage you 24/7.

Stay connected with the body of Christ

With more people working remotely and traveling for work, feeling disconnected is common. Instant Christ™
enables users to reach out for support through individual groups. You can create groups and personalize your outreach enabling you to share your thoughts, prayer request, or happenings of the day only with the members of your bible study, or only with family. With Instant Christ™ groups, you can share your thoughts with a customizable group of your choosing.

Instant Christ™, will be available in August. Follow Instant Christ™, on Facebook to stay up to date on the app launch.

ABOUT Donald Cyprian

Donald Cyprian is the founder and CEO of Instant Christ™, LLC. A web developer based in Houston, Texas, Mr. Cyprian also holds a full time position as the finance manager for the leading Mercedes Benz dealership in Houston and he is the #1 financier among more than 250 dealerships across the nation. He has teamed up with Zapporoo for the development of Instant Christ to transform his idea into a marketable platform. Mr. Cyprian grew up poor, his mother a housekeeper at a hotel and his father a custodian. His mother made sure that he and his siblings grew up in the church and he saw how God worked things out for his family, particularly when they were struggling. After graduating from high school Mr. Cyprian worked at various jobs until he entered the car business in 1996 and learned that he was a natural born salesman. Mr. Cyprian received a finance certificate through Toyota Financial Services and became an entrepreneur and ordained minister, founding Instant Christ™ at the age of 46.

ABOUT Instant Christ™

Instant Christ™ is a patent pending Revolutionary platform that will bring Kingdom Citizens together worldwide. Similar to the commonly known social media applications, but far more advanced and without the secular distractions, Instant Christ ™ is revolutionary in that it is totally faith-based, bringing people together in a safe, positive digital environment. Founded by entrepreneur and ordained Minister, Donald Cyprian, and his wife, Cenaca, the Cyprian’s completely surrendered their lives to God and hope to change the world with Instant Christ.

August 8, 2015

How Instant Christ Keeps Busy Social Media Users Connected With God

By: Donald Cyprian, Founder and CEO of Instant Christ™, LLC                                                            Published on: A Silver Twig Our days are filled with work meetings, social activities, family time, […]

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